If you would prefer to speak to someone in person, please contact
Jessica Bryan at
Jessica@ProjectNightNight.org or 734-277-7950.
Monetary Gifts
In lieu of a few gifts, encourage guests to donate to Project Night Night.
Tell us where the birthday hero lives, and we will place a special
birthday card in the mail.
We know that it is your special day, and Project Night Night appreciates your sharing it with us by collecting donations of money or product on our behalf.
Birthday Heroes and Other Special Occasions
Assemble Night Night Packages
Turn your party into a world of fun by having a hands-on volunteer
event as part of your special day.  For complete instructions visit our
Adopt a Night Night Package Program page.
Collect Product on our Behalf
Invite partygoers to bring a new item to donate.  Project Night Night
welcomes new blankets, books, and stuffed animals for children ages
zero to 12.  Collected items may be
dropped off or mailed directly to
Project Night Night..
We are proud to be a part of your big day.  As our gift to you, please
help yourself to our free printables to bring a complete Project Night